Nozawa Onsen Tokiwakaya

Nozawa Hotsprings craft beer RIBUSHI

A craft beer brewery with great atmosphere has opened in Nozawa Village called Libushi

The high-quality water that springs up in the Nozawa onsen area is used in the brewing process of Libushi's beer.

On the north side of the inn the bar "Libushi" has opened which brews its own beer, meaning its only available here. Tom (British) brews his craft beer using Nozawa onsen water in the brewery located on the first floor of our inn. Any time you have a meal at our inn you can enjoy the beer that Tom recommends.

It is a must for craft beer enthusiasts! To have the microbrewery "Libushi" right here in our snowy town is really something special!

☆Examples of what's on the menu

Tom's English Ale

Libushi's flagship beer "Tom's English Ale" is a cask-conditioned ale, poured straight from the barrel. The traditional ale is pumped out of the barrel and is characterized by being mild but having a strong bitter taste.

Shinshu buckwheat stout

Homegrown buckwheat is used in brewing the unique tasting "Shinshu Buckwheat Stout." The faint smell of buckwheat can be detected but the depth of the aroma is evident.

Nozawa Sour Ale

Using locally harvested peaches "Nozawa Sour Ale" has a light sourness combined with the sweetness of the peaches makes it a delightfully subtle match. With a refreshing taste like a fruit yogurt it is perfect after just getting out of the hotsprings.

Detailed information about "Libushi"

Opening hours / 4pm - 11pm
Regular holidays/ Open everyday during the winter months.
Link/AJB CO.