Nozawaonsen Tokiwaya Guidance


In the center of the village is Oh-yu, the symbol of Nozawa Hotsprings which has been in existence for 380 years. All of the inns in Nozawa village come with hotsprings that flow naturally from their sources.

Since the Edo Period the inns and their overflowing hotspring sources in Nozawa village have, along with Oh-yu, followed a historical path to the present and their strong desire to protect those hotsprings is clear for all to see until this present day.

Nozawa Hotspring water

"Declaration that water flows directly from the hotspring source." Because we offer "water flowing directly from the hotspring source" we now have what is known as the Nozawa Hotspring style.

Various tests have been conducted and analysis undertaken, and as a result we, ourselves, who didn't even know the wonderful power that the hotsprings possess, because "water flows directly from the hotspring sources" have come to the conclusion that this is the reason we have the "Nozawa Hotspring style." We are not denying hotsprings that use circulation filtration, but rather we have decided that the properties that the hotspring water possesses, it's power and potential, makes it unnecessary to do anything at all and therefore we feel it is desirable to offer water flowing directly from the hotspring source.
In order to preserve our Nozawa Hotspring style into the future we will continue to protect the source of our hotsprings, or what we can call "the hotspring trees," by the planting of beech trees and through other activities.
We have made three pledges in accordance with our declaration.
●We pledge to ensure our "Hotsprings" are upheld to high standards and that the bathtubs use water flowing directly from hotspring sources.
●We pledge to provide the information that users demand with clarity and precision.
●We pledge to research the effects of the hotsprings and at the same time pass down the hotspring culture to future generations and make efforts to create new culture.
Nippon Onsen Research Institute

The four seasons of Nozawa Hotsprings

From spring to fall it is only a 30-minute drive from Nozawa Onsen village. The Uenotaira Highlands sprawl across the foot of the 1650m high Mt. Kenashi. The whole area is covered with extremely beautiful primeval beech forest and produces views that one can only describe as mysterious. There is a forest walking path, a campground at Sutaka Lake, the area is rich in nature and provides intimate surroundings. Snow camellia, umbrella leaf, willow herb and many other pretty flowers can be found which color the highlands beautifully

Basic information

Hotsprings Regarding the 1000-person hotspring and the Healing hotspring, the men's and women's hotsprings are alternated at 9:00 each night.
Guest rooms Japanese-style room number 14, Japanese-Western combined room number 1, General quarters room number 15
All rooms have a bath and toilet, All rooms have a shower, All rooms have air conditioning, a Television and an empty refrigerator
Regarding internet options, all rooms have wireless LAN
parking Free parking available
Credit card JCB・VISA・Master・DC・NICOS
check-in 14:00~
check-out 10:00