【Homepage reservation privilege】◆◇◆◇Gift voucher worth 500 yen per person for use in this facility☆彡You can use it for drinks at dinner and souvenirs in this facility.◆◇◆◇Don't worry, if you don't use it, we will discount the price of your stay! *Please understand that children sleeping together (facility usage fee only) are not included in the number of guests.

【Official】Tokiwaya Ryokan Inn

       Founded 380 years-I want to provide healing to all who visit-         Our corporate philosophy is to weave the thoughts of the first generation into the future.

Founded in the Kanei Edo Period
Located in the center of the hot spring town, it has supported Nozawa Onsen for many years along with Nozawa's symbol "Oyu"Tokiwaya Ryokan Inn"
You can see the history of Tokiwaya and Nozawa Onsen throughout the facility.

The two large communal baths, which have different sources and tastes, all flow from the artesian aquifer.
Enjoy the luxurious flowing hot water for 24 hours.

For meals, Tokiwaya original Japanese French creative cuisine is served at a private restaurant.
For a number of special dishes that can only be eaten here, using local and seasonal ingredients
Your five senses will be stimulated and you will surely be satisfied.

We Tokiwaya Ryokan Inn will be a special day for you to heal your body and soul.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Notice from the hotel

  • ★Regarding guest room renewal★

    Some guest rooms have been renewed in December 2023.★
    The regular Japanese-style room has been renovated into a flat Western-style room, allowing you to spend a relaxing time.
    Accommodates up to 3 people using an extra bed.

    Smoking is not allowed indoors, but the balcony will be a smoking area during the green season (April to November).

    Please feel free to use it.

Notice from the hotel Part 2

In this facility / facility

  • Front desk

    Welcome to "Tokiwaya Ryokan Inn".
    Please leave the information about Nozawa Onsen Town

    Guest room Tea confectionery "Onsen Manju" and lotion using Nozawa Onsen water, etc.
    We also sell carefully selected recommended products.

    In the morning, free morning coffee is available.(7:30 to 10:00)
    Please use it for a relaxing time before departure.
  • lobby

    Nostalgic Tokiwaya lobby.

    Tokiwaya's family crest "Sagarifuji" is on the ceiling, and a tea room is in the back of the lobby. "Senshin-an"
    There is also an exhibition of Tokiwaya
    Please relax after your arrival and before your departure.
  • Hot spring drinking fountain

    Drink hot spring water as one of the spa therapies. "Drinking spring"
    It is one of the health methods that can be expected to have a synergistic effect of the effect of hot springs acting directly on the gastrointestinal tract and liver and the effect of acting on the whole body like bathing.

    However, please be careful about the amount and time so that you can drink an appropriate amount of hot springs over time.

    ◆Precautions for drinking
    ・As a guide, drink 100 to 200cc at a time and 200 to 1000cc a day.
    ・For drinking, drink fresh hot spring water.
    ・Generally 30 minutes to 1 hour before meals.Or take it on an empty stomach.

    ・Drinking efficacy:Diabetes, gout, constipation, etc.
    ・Efficacy of painting:For itching, pain, stubborn athlete's foot, atopy, etc.
     Apply it to the affected area with absorbent cotton several times daily.
     Rough skin will be revived and smooth.
    ・Used for cooking:You can make porridge and yudofu delicious with this hot water.

    You can also take it home.
    Original PET bottles (2L, 150 yen) are available.The front desk can handle this matter.
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Tokiwaya Ryokan Inn


9347 Toyosato, Nozawa Onsen Village, Shimotakai County, Nagano Prefecture

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20 minutes from Toyota-Iiyama IC on Joshin-Etsu Expressway.25 minutes by direct bus from JR Iiyama Station, 4 minutes on foot from Nozawa-onsen Bus Stop.Next to the outdoor hot spring "Oyu"
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