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Tokiwaya original "Japanese x French" creative course meal.

In February 2021, the Tokiwaya cuisine was renewed.
Please enjoy a variety of creative dishes that bring out the original taste of the ingredients.

Cooking information

  • 【Dinner】≪Japanese x French≫Creative full course

    First in the prefecture! Introduced a cooking system that can cook at low temperature, vacuum, and pressure.

    Under the theme of "meals that can only be eaten here" that our chef WAKUI aims for
    Making the most of the charm of the climate of Nozawa Onsen Village and Kitashinshu,
    ≪Japanese x French≫Please enjoy the creative full course.

    <An example of an early summer course>
    ・Amuse (with tip) Gorgonzola sesame tofu
    ・Hors d'oeuvre (appetizer) Asparagus hollandaise sauce, turban shell grilled escargot style, etc.
    ・Poisson (fish dish) Smoked rock fish
    ・Bian (meat dish) ① Steamed beef tenderloin in hot spring
    ・Bian (meat dish) ② Lambrac spa treatment
    ・Meal  Oyaki,pickles
    ・Dessert wine and sweets

    *Elementary school children cook the same food as adults.
    *For children who do not need meals, please make a reservation with a bed (without meals and futons).(Elementary school students are also welcome)
  • 【Breakfast】

    "Skillet's vegetable grill" that uses plenty of local seasonal vegetables,
    Nozawa's side dishes, and "Yatara," which is a local dish of Susumu rice.
    Gentle on the body and delicious ingredients! Many side dishes are lined up.
  • drink

    We also have a variety of drinks that go well with the food.

    ・Brewed at "Libushi" on the 1st floor of the hotel! Nozawa Onsen Craft Beer
    ・Local sake(Mizuo,Hokumitsu)
    ・Shochu (Nozawa Onsen Kuroji Shochu)"Tree incense",Nozawa Onsen Turnip Shochu)
    ・Nozawa Onsen Wine"Shinshu Yukemuri"(Red,White)
    ・100% Shinshu(Sweet)
    ・Shinshu White Grape Cider,Apple cider
    ・100% apple juice
    Besides, beer, soft drinks, etc.

Restaurant information

  • Completely private restaurant"Tokiwatei"

    There is an atmosphere of making a sukiya,Restaurant. "Tokiwatei"
    It is a table chair seat with a small rise in the Japanese-style room.
    It will be a completely private room, so you can enjoy it leisurely.
  • Semi-private room restaurant"Chikuma"

    Japanese modern restaurant. "Chikuma"
    Flooring table chair seat.
    We can accommodate people who use wheelchairs.
  • Hall"Nest hawk"

    Hall. "Nest hawk"
    It will be a table chair seat with a small rise in the Japanese-style room.
    We will prepare it for a large number of people.