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Hot Springs

Everything is 100% self-propelled.Nozawa's "hot water" warms you from the core of your body.

There are two large public baths at Tokiwaya Sennin Buro (1000-person hot spring)" and "Koho no Yu Yakushi no Yu".
Each of them draws hot water from different sources, and the taste of the bathhouse is also different.
Nozawa Onsen, you will be able to heal your daily fatigue.

Tokiwaya no Yu

  • Empress Komyō's hot water Sennin Sennin Buro (1000-person hot spring)

    The same three sources as the public bath "Oyu Nozawa Onsen

    It is named after Empress Komyo, who said that 1000 people, regardless of their royalties, took a bath during the Nara period when smallpox raged.Taisho Roman style architecture using black granite and locally produced Taisho flat stone.

    In addition to the temperature-controlled Empress Komyo statue bath, there is also a sleeping bath and a lukewarm bath.
    Hot spring bath hours
    Available 24 hours(Men and women change at 21:00)
    Hot spring qualities
    Simple sulfur spring,Hypotonic alkaline high hot spring(pH7.4)
    Natural spring,100% source
  • Koho no Yu Yakushi no Yu

    Private source of this facility.

    Jibo Kannon mercy Kannon is enshrined, and it is also known as the bath of the mercy Kannon statue.
    Nozawa Onsen, and it is said that if you warm up in this bath, you will be blessed with children.It may be even more beneficial if you visit the "Child-rearing Yakushi no Yu
    Hot spring bath hours
    Available 24 hours(Men and women change at 21:00)
    Hot spring qualities
    Weakly alkaline sulfur spring(pH8.5)
    Natural spring,100% source
  • Hot spring drinking fountain

    Tokiwaya, you can drink hot spring water as one of the hot spring therapies.
    ■Efficacy:Diabetes, gout, constipation, etc.

    Please note the following when drinking.
    ・As a guide, drink 100 to 200cc at a time and 200 to 1000cc a day.
    ・For drinking, drink fresh hot spring water.
    ・Generally 30 minutes to 1 hour before meals.Or take it on an empty stomach.

    Takeaway containers are also available.


Rheumatic disease, chronic poisoning, pruritus dermatitis, diabetes, keratosis, chronic eczema, seborrheic disease, rash, chronic pyoderma, nerve palsy, feminine chronic inflammation, menstrual abnormalities, joint pain, lower back pain, nerve pain , Muscle pain, fifty shoulders, bruising, contusion, chronic digestive disease, coldness, peripheral circulatory disorder, decreased gastrointestinal function, hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, mild asthma, hemorrhoidal pain, autonomic instability, sleep disorder , Depression, recovery from illness, recovery from fatigue, promotion of health, atopic dermatitis, etc.


Acute disease, active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, severe heart disease, respiratory failure, renal failure, hemorrhagic disease, severe anemia, pregnancy and other generally progressive diseases, people with skin / mucosal hypersensitivity, elderly people Skin dryness etc.