Nozawaonsen Tokiwaya


Guest Room

Each room is a quiet and comfortable Japanese-style room. You will enjoy the old-style atmosphere and attention to detail.

Rooms: each room has a heater, television, safe, external telephone line, washlet, a yukata (for ladies - a stylish flower pattern), a hanten (Japanese-style short coat), tanzen (padded Japanese half-coat), a personalized towel, a bath towel, shower cap (for ladies), a razor and a hairdryer. Bathroom amenities: For women - cleanser, milky lotion, perfume For men - hair tonic, hair liquid, shaving foam
Yukata - a stylish flower-pattern for women

S-Type【Special room】Japanese-style 10 straw-mat+6 straw-mat+small veranda

From these spacious rooms you can look down on the atmospheric town below and the symbol of Nozawa hot springs “Oh-yu”.

A-Type Japanese-style 10 straw-mat+4.5 straw-mat+small veranda

From this spacious room you can look down on the atmospheric hot springs town below.

B-Type Japanese-style 10 straw-mat+small veranda

These rooms are our popular standard rooms at Tokiwaya.。

B-Type Japanese-Western style combined room 10 straw-mat+small veranda

*1 room only*6 straw-mat sized Japanese room + Western-style 6 straw-mat sized twin bed

※The room is basically for the use of two persons. If three wish to stay in the room, it is possible to use a futon in the six straw mat room, in this case the room rate will be charged at the same rate as a Tokiwaya standard B type room for three persons. We appreciate your understanding in this matter when reserving the room.
◆For Tokiwaya only, This is the only Japanese-Western style combined room available with a twin bed.
◆The room has a combined 6 straw-mat Japanese room and a 6 straw-mat Western-style room for a total of 12 straw mats, giving our guests a spacious room to relax in. Basically all of our rooms at Tokiwaya are equipped with a bath and a bidet toilet.

C-Type Japanese-style 10-12 straw-mat with baths and toilets

A comfortable 10-12 straw-mat straw mat Japanese-style room with a small veranda. Compared to our other rooms this room is an older type (especially regarding the plumbing)

D-Type Japanese style room with bath and toilet

This Japanese-style room is 10 straw mats in size. Although this room is one rank lower new plumbing has been installed.


In our lobby there are plenty of histtorical records and items being exhibited from the Meiji(1868-1912)and Taisho periods(1912-1926),giving usa glimpse into the 380-year history since our estabishment.

・Two large banquet rooms of 42 tatami-mat size and 35 tatami-mat size are available, which can comfortably host groups of 45 people. Ideal for year-end parties, memorial services, celebrations, class reunions and more.
・Table Tennis room... In the basement it is possible to enjoy playing table tennis. (closed in winter)
・A skiers drying room... for skiing guests, a changing room and other facilities are also available.
・Guest parking lot... parking for 20 cars and two microbuses up to 7m.

★Wheelchairs (for indoor and outdoor use), walking sticks, 200 books (local), protective winter clothing, winter boots... all available for free of charge.