Nozawaonsen Tokiwaya


Although older they are excellent accommodations.

Female / 40s
It was our first time to Nozawa Hotsprings and thank you so much. Upon arrival we were greeted by the hostess who politely told us all about Nozawa Hotsprings. I really loved that the quality of the springs was so high. I enjoyed several kinds of hotsprings and even entered the baths three times. As far as the meals go they were so delicious and there was more than enough so as to even make a big eater like myself feel completely full. Also, the locally-produced rice that I had imagined to be so delicious was exactly that. The meat, vegetables and fish that I ate were also so wonderful. My husband absolutely loved the craft beer from Libushi. I enjoyed looking at all the photographs and materials in this old historical inn. Although the room was old it was so clean and with the new plumbing installed I didn't feel any discomfort at all.

The meals and consideration of the staff were top class

Male / 40s
It was my first visit to Nozawa Hotsprings. I was really looking forward to going around and trying all the bathhouses and I enjoyed it much more than I even expected, so starting at Oh-yu and going from there I was so amazed at how easy it was to get around to all the different places. The meals were so delicious! The arrangement of each dish was so beautiful it was like a picture. The staff in charge gave us a very polite explanation and at no time made us feel we had to rush, we could enjoy our time at a comfortable pace and I felt they were so professional. The Japanese sake they recommended was simply fantastic and when looking at the sake they had on the menu I really felt they had a good sense of what their guests wanted. The layout of the room was really interesting and actually I never did find the closet, but as it was a bargain plan it was more than good enough. Actually , as I was enjoying all the hotsprings I didn't spend much time in my room anyway. The complicated construction of the building itself gave me a real feel for the history of the place. After going around to some of the extremely beautiful and well-preserved bathhouses, I went back to the inn and the large hotspring baths where the history of the place was palpable. I did feel there were several places that could use some restoration work and it was a little scary but I really got hooked on the drinkable spring water that felt like I was drinking the water after boiling eggs. After more friendliness at checkout I appreciate the guidance in smoothly being able to find my way to Nakao Hotspring to have a bath there. Also thanks to everyone at the meat shop!!

Wonderful hotsprings

Female / 50s
These hotsprings with such a long history dating back more than 300years, the man who took care of us was kind and friendly, and with wonderful service and a simplicity about the place it was easy for me to unwind. Although the public bath "Oh-Yu" is located right in front of the inn the 1000-person hotspring located inside the inn was so great. Although the water is very hot I could take my time getting used to it and after taking a leisurely bath I felt my skin became very smooth. At dinner plenty of locally-produced ingredients were used to make the original dishes that left us so satisfied. As it is located on the border between Shinano and Echigo we could enjoy ingredients from both places such as the delicious water and rice, zucchini flowers, paprika, etc... giving the vegetables a beautiful color, the craft beer from Libushi next door, the local sake from Iiyama, "Mizuo", and you can't get better service than that.

The hotsprings and the meals are awesome!

Male / 60s
My husband and I in our 60s and his mother who is unable to walk at 83 made the trip. The Tokiwaya Inn is so perfectly located in the center of town with the bathhouse Oh-yu right next door. The hotsprings were amazing. My mother-in-law went three times to soak in the hotsprings and it almost seemed like the pain in her legs had healed completely. We were so happy with the dinner as well, with locally-produced ingredients in the wonderful kaiseki dishes. We borrowed a wheelchair and therefore were able to move around the inn freely and even went out exploring into the village as far as Asagama Hotsprings. We really appreciate the kindness with which the staff at the inn treated us.

The water at Nozawa Hotsprings is second to none!

Female / 40s
Nozawa Hotsprings are sulfur springs but compared to Kusatsu Hotsprings and some others with high acidity I was glad to know they were very mild. Upon our visit to one of the bathhouses located a little far from the inn, "Kawarayu" we were able to enjoy these cozy hotsprings in comfort as there were few visitors. The hotsprings in the inn were delightful but I did notice a leak in the roof and the accompanying stain. Another unfortunate point was that we could see some of the cleaning equipment and a hose coming from the bath itself. As far as the meals go, as soon as a plate was emptied they were soon over to take it away so I couldn't relax, although the cooking didn't disappoint on the whole. The room was also old. I bought bottled drinkable hotspring water to take home with me and think that it will be really good for our health.

As expected the hotsprings were terrific.

Male / 50s
This was my second visit to the inn. The feeling that the hotspring is so natural was really great. I hope that more and more people use these hotsprings and it would be wonderful if they became well-known far and wide. I strongly recommend them and personally, I want to come again in the snowy season.