Nozawaonsen Tokiwaya


Restaurant "Tokiwatei" "Chikuma"

Tokiwaya’s dinner is served in the Kaiseki style, “Japanese Shinshu black beef optional plan”, “Exquisite! A main course of Miyuki pork hot springs kaiseki shabu shabu”, “Rich! The kaiseki main course is a Fukumi chicken hotpot with specially prepared hot soup.”

Miyuki pork hot springs kaiseki shabu shabu

Through trial and error we have managed to find the perfect pH8.4 (weak alkaline) for our hot spring source which we use in our “hot spring shabu shabu”. The weak alkaline hot spring water helps make our meat tender and draws out the delicious kelp taste. Positive effects of drinking water from the source can be obtained and our mild hotspring with its excellent reptutation combine perfectly with the local Miyuki pork brand.

Japanese Shinshu black beef optional plan

This is a very popular plan one rank above the rest. This is our basic recommendation, grilled beef cooked on a ceramic hotplate. If you prefer, steamed beef and Shabu-shabu are also available but for groups of five or larger please call us to discuss options. (For those who do not like meat it is possible to change to a seafood hotpot instead.)

Rich! The kaiseki main course is a Fukumi chicken hotpot with specially prepared hot soup.

The main course is a high protein, low calorie chicken hotpot using our local Shinshu brand, “Fukumi Chicken,” stewed for seven hours and added to a hot soup to provide an exquisite taste and give you plenty of collagen. It is so good that you will want to drink every last drop. The Fukumi-brand chicken balls of course contain soft cartilage so please enjoy our healthy and physically pleasing Tokiwaya original chicken hotpot. (If you do not like meat please call us beforehand to discuss other options.)

Nozawa’s Koshihikari rice

In a rice appraisal international contest we were awarded the gold prize for four consecutive years. Our beech virgin forest provides a rich environment for delicious drinking water. On November 22nd, 2012 we were awarded the first Diamond prize ever awarded inside Nagano Prefecture. (Lifetime designation). We are one of only seven places in Japan to be given the designation of "Meitokai" for the exceptional rice we produce. The rice produced by Nozawa Kyosan lives up to its reputation and to call it the best rice in Japan would be no exaggeration.

An example kaiseki dishes